Upcoming Training Classes:

Practical Obedience I
Weekly Sessions usually at 6:15pm-7:15pm

Practical Obedience II Practical Obedience II:
Weekly Sessions usually at 7:30pm-8:30pm

Also Refresher Workshops and Private Sessions

Please Inquire Within for Upcoming Dates

We Specialize in Socialization!

Our Training sessions incorporate all of the daily commands that you will need to use to enjoy a well behaved dog. We will also assist you with any dog behavior issues you may have.

Class Outline:

Dog Sense Daycare - Training

Practical Basic Obedience I – Practical commands that you will use in everyday life with your dog. Such as: sit and control, release, heeling (walking), right and left turns, down, sit and stay, stand and come when called, drop it, leave it, attention, etc.

Practical Obedience II – Prepares you and your dog for off lead obedience. You will learn a new turn and focus on routines with more distractions, and heeling with a loose lead.

Advanced Obedience – Increases both you and your dogs confidence. You will learn to handle your dog off lead and focus on routines with more distractions and heeling with a loose lead keeping their attention.

training-pic2Refresher Workshop
Which dogs do you know that:
Pull on the leash
Jump up on People
Sit but won’t stay
Bark Obsessively
Show Aggression
Mouthy / Nippy
Any other issue.
We offer a Refresher Workshop to help sharpen your dog’s skills.

Agility Training – Just for fun & exercise! This is a recreational approach to Agility for you and your dog. Basic training is a pre-requisite!

Socialization – A fun filled, 2 hour romp for your dog, to socialize & exercise!

Private Obedience One on one – A program will be designed for you and your pet

*All group training classes run for 5 weeks, one day per week for 1 hour.