Just For Puppies

Just For Puppies

Getting a puppy is a fun and exciting part of life. With a puppy comes lots of responsibility, which can feel overwhelming at times. That is why we have created programs and packages to cater to your puppy’s needs.


Join us and socialize your puppies with other puppies! Learn about teaching them good doggie manners and appropriate play. Puppy play dates occur once a month on Sunday from 1-3pm. Only $5! Look under “EVENTS” for specific dates.


Dog Sense has created a package for puppy owners to cover all areas needed to raise a well balanced puppy. This package includes:

  • Puppy’s first groom – Puppies under 25lbs (Regular Rate $55) : We believe in the importance of getting your puppy used to being brushed and handled. It’s best to start off as early as possible to get into the habit. This groom includes a body tidy-up, and we will trim the face, around the paws, sanitary area, nail trim, ear cleaning, full bath and blow dry with either a bow or bandanna.
  • Training (Regular Rate $239): Your puppy will learn all the basics such as sit, stay, heeling, drop it, off, come, house breaking, crate training and many more.
  • Training Collar (Regular Rate $17—$20): A helpful tool when training your puppy, this will assist in your commands without causing your puppy any harm.
  • 5 ½ Days of Day Care (Regular $175): Socialization at an early age shows a puppy what appropriate play with other dogs is. We also implement basic commands. After a day at day care your puppy is sure to be tired.
  • Training pouch (Regular Rate $20) and a  Bag of Training Treats treats to assist you in training!
  • Toronto Puppy Socialization Meetup – First visit free ($5.00)

Total Regular Cost: $514 Package Price $399 Savings of $115!!!

*We now offer the option to upgrade your package from half days to full days. Inquire within.