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Wow It’s Summer already!!

Did you know that your dogs  actually serves as an air conditioner in the summertime? A lot of dogs believe that shaving their dogs in the summer time would help keep them cool, but for most long haired dogs that is not the case. Breeds that are regularly groomed (such as the Shih Tzu,  poodle, and Portuguese Water Dog) will not be harmed in the summer time. BUT for our thick furred friends like the Husky, Chow Chow, and shepherds it can cause more harm than good. These breeds tend to be more prone to sun burns in the summer time with a shaved coat as well! Our short haired friends such as the bull terrier, dachshund, boxer, and Staffordshire terrier can easily burn in the summer time if they do not have sun protection. It is recommended they wear t-shirts or sunscreen.


Our class teaches you and your dog basic everyday commands through positive reinforcement. Classes are limited to 6 dogs per class to ensure individualized attention. Classes take place 1 hour a week for 5 weeks. We cover a variation of exercises since every dog learns differently.


Come when called

Excessive Barking

Out/Drop it

Off/Leave it

Go to your place






Find it


House breaking

And other dog issues

Puppy Package Perks!

Getting a puppy can be both exciting and over whelming! We have created a package designed to help puppy owners to cover all areas needed to raise a well balanced puppy!

Package Includes:

Puppys first groom, (face, paws, sanitary trim, as well as a nail trim, ear cleaning, full bath and blow-dry with a bow or bandana.

5 Training sessions Your pup will learn all the basics (Sit, stay, Heel, Drop it, etc.)  with a training collar.

5 Half Days of daycare helps to socialize with our other furry friends.

Puppy food and treats samples.

Includes a training collar.

With a total savings of $80 !!!!!!


Book Your Grooming Today!

Due to the increasingly warm weather, our groomers are getting booked up rather quickly. In order to obtain your desired appointment, be sure to call in a week ahead of time.  We also offer bows, ties, and other accessories to glam up your pup!  We also offer an “after day care freshen up” for only $15!

Day Care Package

Pets can be quite expensive, which is why it’s always ideal to save money wherever possible.

Day care is such a valuable part of your dog’s life! As hard as we try, we can never play with our dog the way another dog can. Dogs also learn easier from each other than from us, which is helpful when teaching your pup how to play appropriately with other dogs.

We know costs can easily add up, which is why we offer discounted day care rates when you buy packages of 5, 10, or 20 days. Our packages never expire so you don’t have to fret about using them up by a certain time. Feel free to ask us to explain the savings to you!

Why Are Dog’s Noses Wet?

For many dog owners, its one of life’s greatest joy; You enter a room and  immediately your pooch is at your side and shoving his face into you, sniffing away with their wet, cold nose. Its something that should probably feel disgusting, but instead its wonderful and endearing to have that slimy little thing all up in your business.

Have you ever wondered why dogs noses are wet, though? Your nose works perfectly fine dry, so what’s up with their sniffers? It turns out that there are many reasons for those wet noses and a big misconception about what wet vs. dry noses really mean.

  1. They secrete mucus.
    Before you get too grossed out that your pup has been rubbing her muscus-ridden schnoz all over you, this doesn’t mean what you think it means. When dogs are trying to follow a specific scent, their noses make a thin layer of mucus that allows them to actually absorb scent chemicals and, therefore, smell better.
  2. They tend to lick them a lot. This one seems pretty straightforward, but there’s more to it – namely, why dogs lick their noses. There are two main reasons. First, because those long snouts and noses can get dirty pretty easily, especially when they’re rooting around in food. Licking cleans them off. Dogs also lick their noses because of the mucus mentioned before. Why? Because they can actually lick off those scent chemicals so that the olfactory glands on the roof of their mouth can sample them.
  3. It helps them to cool down. Most dog owners know that dogs pant to cool off rather than sweating, but this isn’t actually true. Dogs do actually sweat – by secreting moisture from their paws and nose. A really wet nose may be your dogs way of releasing heat after exerting  themselves.
  4. Dogs noses tend to pick up moisture. If you’ve ever watched your dog sniffing around outside, you know that its an all in process where that nose of often being shoved right into grass, leaves, dirt, and so on. In doing this, dogs noses often pick up moisture from the environment, making them cold and wet. 
  5. They’re born that way.Certain dogs and dog breeds just have colder, wetter noses than others due to genetics and other factors.

    A dry nose doesn’t necessarily mean your dog is sick. Ask a vet and they will tell you that the relative moisture level of your dogs nose has little to do with whether or not they’re sick. Some dogs just have naturally wetter noses than others. The  temperature and moisture level of your dogs nose likely fluctuates quite a bit on a normal day, so its quite possible for it to be wet in the morning, dry in the middle of the day, and slimy again in the evening.
    Instead of obsessing over the  moisture level, you should keep an eye on the kind of discharge coming from your dogs nose. If the mucus suddenly become crusty or gets  thicker, this can be a sign that something is wrong.




Practical Obedience I
one hour for 5 weekly sessions

$195 + tax
•Small class sizes
•Master everyday commands / issues
•Individualized attention

Practical Obedience II
one hour for 5 weekly
$195 + tax
•Prepares for off leash obedience
•Practical Outdoor Commands
•Individualized attention

Little Doggers
Sundays, once per month
2-4pm  $5/dog
•Dogs 25lbs and under
•Supervised play
•Trainer on site

Puppy Play Dates    
Sundays, once per month
2-4pm   $5/dog 
•Dogs under 1 year, under 25lbs
•Teaches good manners
•Trainer on site

Toronto Puppy Socialization Meetup

Toronto, ON
702 Dog owners, puppy parents

Puppy socialization will build a wonderful foundation for you and your fur baby when done in a professionally supervised setting, to ensure a well balanced healthy experience.

Next Meetup

Summer Puppy Fun!

Sunday, Jun 10, 2018, 2:00 PM
1 Attending

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