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Newsletter for February 2017

Cheers! We’re happy to say we’re half way through the winter now and we’ve had an awesome time with your fur babies so far with lots of outdoor play in our fenced in yard. Rain or shine our dogs get to play in fresh air, as we use our tarp covers when necessary.
As your Socialization Specialists our ongoing goal is safe and progressive socialization for all dogs. Daycare and boarding dogs get to participate in our special program of daily activities, learn to follow daily  routines and practice good doggie  manners. Look out for your pups special holiday surprise this month just for you!

Family Day Hours:

Saturday Feb 18 9am-6pm
Sunday Feb 19 CLOSED
Monday Feb 20 CLOSED
Tuesday Feb 21 7am-7pm

Boarding is always available!

February Sales

1st Week – Sweaters 20% off
2nd Week – All treats 10% off
3rd Week – Jackets 20% off
4th Week – Footwear 10% off

Upgrade your Grooming
It’s always nice to have your pup dressed to impress!
Dog Sense has a variety of hair bows, bow ties, and ties in an assortment of colours and sizes to best fit your pooch! Add them to your groom for a discounted rate, or buy them on their own!

A Thank You To My Favorite Human Friend on Valentine’s Day…

For letting my be there for you on good days and bad

For playing with me when I need a playmate

For taking me on fun walks and car ride

For feeding my everyday

For treating me with kindness and being so happy to see me at the end of your day

For being my friend


5 Ways To Show Your Dog You Love Them

  1. Themed treats
    Head to your local pet shop to see if they are offering any themed treats. This is a fun way to give your dog something different and enjoy the holidays together. You can also look for dog recipes online and create your own using heart shaped cookie cutters.
  2. Give them a Massage
    Dogs love a good massage! It can help relax them as well as promote healing and bonding. Offer your dog a nice massage after a long day of work and play. You don’t need to do anything fancy, just apply pressure in circular motions down the back and legs. Your dog is sure to feel pampered!
  3. Arrange a day care day
    Dogs can be possessive over their own home and owner, so bringing them to day care ensures a neutral setting. Dog Sense provides socialization, fresh air, exercise, and lots of play and snuggle time.
  4. New Toy
    Getting a new chew or tug toy for your dog stimulates their curiosity and interest. Try a puzzle game to get your dogs mind working on colder days. Or if your dog is a chewer, chose a toy that will last!
  5. Take a Scenic Walk
    Switch up your walking routine and enjoy a scenic route instead. Your dog will enjoy the variation and the chance to see and smell something new.


Obedience Training for Puppies

The classes to look for should include information and instruction on how to communicate with your puppy. Housetraining, chewing, bite inhibition, off-leash socialization, handling, house manners and often an introduction to basic obedience skills should be part of your puppy’s    program. Imagine a pre-school for puppies.

Once your puppy has become a socialized member of the canine community and is old enough to begin learning commands, classes are usually available at a variety of levels. These classes start from the beginning, covering basic commands such as sit, stay, down, come, etc. They help you continue the “conversation” you had begun with your puppy at your first puppy class. By having everyone in your family participate, your puppy learns to accept his place in the family.

  • Keep sessions short (around 60 minutes) as dogs generally have short attention spans.
  • Determine what kind of positive reinforcement training you are going to use and stick with it. • If your puppy is not responsive to food, try a favorite toy or enthusiastic verbal praise.
  • Consult with a training school or personal trainer (yup, dogs have them too!) to help establish a routine.
  • Initiate consistent house rules with other family members. If Mom says “lay down” but Dad says “down,” it could cause confusion, thwarting progress.

Ultimately, how much and how well your puppy learns is up to you. Constant attention and   positive reinforcement are the keys to success. Helping your puppy become a fun-loving and obedient companion also makes your relationship that much more enjoyable in the long run.

Next Practical Obedience Classes Starting:

Wednesday February 8


Practical Obedience I
Wednesday Feb 8 7:30-8:30pm
$195 + tax
•Small class sizes
•Master everyday commands / issues
•Individualized attention

Practical Obedience II
Inquire Within
$195 + tax
•Prepares for off leash obedience
•Practical Outdoor Commands
•Individualized attention

Little Doggers
Sunday February 12
2-4pm  $5/dog
•Dogs 25lbs and under
•Supervised play
•Trainer on site

Puppy Play Dates    
Sunday February 12
2-4pm   $5/dog 
•Dogs under 1year
•Teaches good manners
•Trainer on site

Toronto Puppy Socialization Meetup

Toronto, ON
253 Dog owners, puppy parents

Puppy socialization will build a wonderful foundation for you and your fur baby when done in a professionally supervised setting, to ensure a well balanced healthy experience.

Check out this Meetup Group →

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