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Newsletter for June 2017

Wow It’s June already!!

More outdoor fun and pool parties for your pups! Once again we will support our community by hiring and training students in conjunction with the YMCA. We appreciate your patience with this program as we have found this program beneficial to everyone involved. Please feel free to give us your feedback as we always strive to do our best for you and your dogs. We wish you a happy healthy season!

Did you know…
A tail wag can mean different things?

Forget the myth that a wagging tail means a dog is happy to see you. Look closer – is the tail wagging to the left or the right? We know the left side and the right side of the brain do different things, and the side of the brain that is activated in dogs will influence which way their tail moves. A tail wag to the right  suggests a positive sign, while a tail wag to the left could be a cautious wag, like when your dog sees an unfamiliar dog or a stranger. People may not notice the difference, but other dogs sure do, and respond with a similar behavior.

Book Your Grooming Today!

Due to the increasingly warm weather, our groomers are getting booked up rather quickly. In order to obtain your desired appointment, be sure to call in a week ahead of time.  We also offer bows, ties, and other accessories to glam up your pup!  We also offer an “after day care freshen up” for only $15!

Day Care Package

Pets can be quite expensive, which is why it’s always ideal to save money wherever possible.

Day care is such a valuable part of your dog’s life! As hard as we try, we can never play with our dog the way another dog can. Dogs also learn easier from each other than from us, which is helpful when teaching your pup how to play appropriately with other dogs.

We know costs can easily add up, which is why we offer discounted day care rates when you buy packages of 5, 10, or 20 days. Our packages never expire so you don’t have to fret about using them up by a certain time. Feel free to ask us to explain the savings to you!

Why Do Dogs Sniff Crotches / Butts

Dog behavior that looks completely loony to us generally has a totally understandable cause, or serves an important function.

But even knowing that, a lot of the   hobbies that dogs enjoy can leave us scratching our heads — because they’re so completely distant from      human social or hygienic behavior. I mean, why are they so obsessed with each others’ butts?  I guarantee that, however utterly absurd what they’re doing may seem, much of it comes from a place of rock-solid canine logic.

In regards to smelling each other:
When dogs sniff each others’ butts, it is not an invasive behavior, but   rather a method of gathering information. Dogs have two important communication tools that humans don’t: an  exceptionally   powerful nose, and anal glands in their rears. Humans have   only 5   million smell receptor cells; many dogs have upwards of 125 million, and specialized sniffing dogs, like bloodhounds, can have 300 million. They can literally see via smell.

Dogs also have two anal glands that sit on either side of the anus, and emit a smell that’s a mixture of minute amounts of feces and urine. This scent contains information about what the dog eats and how healthy it is — as well as the dog’s own personal smell. The glands are a business card with information about the dog’s gender, age, diet, exercise level and possibly even how stressed or relaxed it is.

Going to the rear end first is also a way of diffusing conflict. Dogs don’t greet like humans, with eyes meeting because for canines, direct, extended eye contact is a sign of aggression, which could lead to fights. According to The Daily Puppy, sniffing butts is a way for dogs to calm down and reduce stress when they’re faced with potentially scary new stimuli.

In regards to smelling humans:
No, you aren’t imagining it: dogs do tend to go straight for the crotch when meeting new people. The simple reason is that crotches and armpits are the locations of human apocrine sweat glands, which periodically secrete sweat and pheromones.


Practical Obedience I
Wednesday June 7

$195 + tax
•Small class sizes
•Master everyday commands / issues
•Individualized attention

Practical Obedience II
Wednesday June 7

$195 + tax
•Prepares for off leash obedience
•Practical Outdoor Commands
•Individualized attention

Little Doggers
Sunday July 9
2-4pm  $5/dog
•Dogs 25lbs and under
•Supervised play
•Trainer on site

Puppy Play Dates    
Sunday July 9
2-4pm   $5/dog 
•Dogs under 1 year, under 25lbs
•Teaches good manners
•Trainer on site

Toronto Puppy Socialization Meetup

Toronto, ON
253 Dog owners, puppy parents

Puppy socialization will build a wonderful foundation for you and your fur baby when done in a professionally supervised setting, to ensure a well balanced healthy experience.

Check out this Meetup Group →

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